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"And if you really want to get more pie in your life, consider signing up for Whisked!'s pie CSA."
DCist, March 2014

The Pretzel Cowboy Cookie is featured in the Washington Post's holiday cookie issue.
Washington Post, December 2013

"Owner and baker Jenna Huntsberger says her most popular winter pie is the salted caramel apple, for which she makes her own dark caramel."
Zagat, December 2013

Voted "Best Bakery" in the Washington Post Express' "Best of DC 2013" issue.
Washington Post Express October 2013.

"In the bustling kitchen of Whisked, a 3-year-old company run by Jenna Hunstberger, already the cookies are cooling, quiches are in the oven, and blueberry pies are getting their crumble topping. The sun is barely up and Huntsberger is half way through her workday."
WAMU 88.5 August, 2013

"Have you ever heard of anything more amazing than a pie CSA? Yeah, we couldn’t think of anything either. Flavors change weekly, but we’re currently digging the Salted Caramel Apple."
City Eats, June 2013

Whisked! came in second for the second year running for "Best Pie" in the Washington City Paper's "Best of DC" Poll.
The Washington City Paper, March 2013

"Sweet or savory, Whisked has a pie for you." 
The Huffington Post, March 2013

"Palm-sized pastries are the rage. Croissant-y pie crusts are filled with fruit compotes, tomato basil, and more deliciousness."
-Cosmopolitan Magazine, February 2013.

"Order hand pies from these enterprising D.C. bakers and they’ll whip up batches in multiples of four."
-City Eats, January 2013

"Slice into fall with a one-day Whisked! pop-up at Qualia. The bakery will serve salted-caramel apple and Mexican chocolate pies, as well as quiche and a savory tart . . ."
Tasting Table, December 2012

"Huntsberger expects to have some 40 pies, quiches and tarts on hand. She’ll have at least 10 each of her salted caramel apple pie ('the most popular I’ve ever done'); Mexican chocolate cream pie . . .  bacon, leek and Gruyere quiche; and kabocha squash and goat cheese tart."
-Washington Post All You Can Eat Blog, November, 2012

"Best idea ever: Whisked! in Washington, DC, offers pie CSAs that feature sweet and/or savory options. (Try corn, cheddar and jalapeno, or chess pie swirled with strawberry compote and lemon curd)."
-Every Day With Rachel Ray, October 2012

"Founded in May 2011 by two D.C. food bloggers, Whisked! sets up shop every Saturday at the 14th and U farmers' market with a winning team of sweet and savory pies. . . . Keep an eye out for strawberry rhubarb — it’s Jenna’s favorite." 
- Refinery 29, June 2012

"If you’ve been to the 14th and U Street Farmer’s Market you already know Jenna from Whisked. What you may not know is that Jenna makes a mean wedding cake too. We picked three flavors to test with Jenna and although her carrot cake and red velvet were perfectly moist, we ultimately decided on an elegant chocolate ganache."
Borderstan, June 2012

"My recent sample included a rich yet expertly balanced goat cheese and asparagus pie . . . "
Washington Post Express, May 2012

"Jenna Huntsberger, the D.C.-based baker behind Whisked!, is not ruling out launching a food truck. But given the number already on the road, she is happy selling her sweet and savory pies, cookies and cakes online, at farmers markets and pickup sites."
Washington Post, April 2012

Whisked! came in second for "Best Pie" in the Washington City Paper's "Best of DC" Poll.
The Washington City Paper, March 2012

"Five months of recipe testing, bureaucracy negotiating, kitchen-space hunting and business planning later, Whisked! was born. The mission: to sell baked goods that are 'nostalgic but still appeal to an adult sensibility,' says Huntsberger, 29."
The Washington Post, December 2011 

"At the height of summer fruit season, the flour powers behind newly launched bakery stand Whisked! were churning out peach pies, Southern-inspired cakes and loaves of moist, crumbly zucchini bread."
Tasting Table, December 2011

The founders call their approach 'a modern take on American classics,' but after a bite of apple-blue-cheese-walnut loaf or rich, fudgy brownies, we just call it amazing."
Refinery 29, November 2011

"One of my personal favorite apple pies come from local small-scale bakers Whisked. They currently sell their pies at the 14th and U farmers' market, but it's well worth stopping by to try out their pie. I love the tender, latticed crust and delicate spicing."
DCist, October 2011

"Whisked!’s hand pies .  . .  also use a croissant-like crust, but they are flat, resembling thick Linzer torte cookies. The rich, flaky pastry pairs well with the two flavors I sample — nectarine and peach . . . "
Washington Post All You Can Eat Blog, October 2011

"There were hand pies (strawberry rhubarb and blueberry quince) which were outrageously good – a spectacular pie crust, buttery, flaky; a classic brownie, not too sweet, not cloying, but perfectly chocolate; and, the walnut shortbread turtle bar with caramel and chocolate that I hated to share."
Mrs. Wheelbarrow, July 2011​

"The brownie 'cookies' were wonderfully moist and rich, with a deep mocha fudge flavor. The vanilla frosting peeking out between the two cookie sides also had a complex flavor and thick, creamy consistence. I could actually taste the high-quality vanilla extract likely used in the recipe, and it reminded me of ice cream."
Brightest Young Things, June 2011

"But the ladies really nail the hand pies — fruit filling encased in a flaky crust."
Daily Candy, June 2011

"A number of farmers markets offer baked goods. But where do those brownies begin, and who bakes them? At the 14th and U streets Saturday market, the answer is Whisked! — a new company launched by two food bloggers who bake during off hours at nearby restaurant 1905"
Northwest Current, June 2011

"Support your local food bloggers and business owners—head down to the farmer’s market and pick up a creation from Whisked! Your tummy will be happy you did!"
Bitches Who Brunch, June 2011

"A new stand may give you pause this coming weekend and a good reason to linger"
Urban Bohemian, May 2011 

​"Excited to try DC's newest start-up bakery, I stocked up on Whisked's goodies at the 14th and U Farmers Market. Warning: the turtle bar (walnuts, oat crumble, salted caramel on shortbread) and cracker jack bar (shortbread topped with salted caramel and roasted peanuts) are seriously addictive."
Metrocurean, May 2011

"[The Cracker Jack Bar] is just the kind of treat I like baking at home — relatively thin, very dense, multiple layers, a variety of textures. Plus, I grew up with Cracker Jacks (in the days when the prizes inside the box were actually kind of cool), so this bar took me back."
Justcook NYC, May 2011

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